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  Monster Arena
  A battle arena style mission meant for use with Tos' Thief 2 Multiplayer patch. Tested with the latest MP build, version 218. Play with up to 4 players co-operatively against many AIs. Please read the readme.rtf file that comes packaged with this FM! Updated to version 1.1, July 30th, 2013. Initial release, July 29th, 2013. Forum Thread
 Life of the Party: Winter Edition (v1.1)
  LOTP Winter Edition is exactly what it says - an OM that has been made into a winter themed mission. Includes snow, snowballs and snowman. (All used with permission from Yandros. The snowballs/snowman were used in Yandros' A Thief's Holiday 2004.)  First Release: 18 August 2013; Updated 23 August (v1.1) Forum Thread
 Lord Bafford's Manor Custom Edition V3.1
  Compatible with Thief 1/Gold, LBMCE is a modified version of the original Bafford mission. Includes more loot, more guards/changed guard routes, etc. Please see the readme.
             Thiefmissions Mirror | Discussion Thread
 Haunt Stadium - Thief 2 Edition
  Haunt Stadium is an arena type mission in which Garrett is tasked with killing as many Haunts as he can. That's it. How many can you kill? (NOTE: This is a port from the Thief 1 version, and it was originally created by Nameless Voice.)     
 Haunt Stadium Deluxe
  Haunt Stadium Deluxe is a two-mission arena FM in which Garrett is tasked with fighting Haunts. This is my enhanced version of Haunt Stadium.      UNRELEASED
 A Thief's Holiday 2004: Multiplayer Edition
 This is a multiplayer-enhanced version of Yandros' A Thief's Holiday 2004. Has spawn points for up to four players. Please read the readme!
Here's a link to the original TTLG discussion thread.                     MIRROR (Southquarter)
Good Vs Bad V2.5
  From my readme file:
"The Hammerites recently found out that their precious Builder's Chisel is missing.

They found out that it was stolen by an organized thief named Jacob. The funny thing is,

they want YOU to help them. (Be warned, because the guards are prepared.) The Hammerites are getting ready to attack, assembling around a fire."

                 Thiefmissions Mirror | Discussion Thread
Good Vs Bad Demo
Good Vs Bad is an old "demo" (more like a mini FM) mission I made that must be played in DromEd. There's a war going on between some guards and Hammerites. The Hammerites want Garrett to retrieve the Builder's Chisel.
Warning: This is quite old and I suggest downloading V2.5 which is darkloader compatible.
 Not available
 T2 (NewDark)
 Unreleased. An upcoming FM that I can't provide details on just yet! (Hence, Not Available.) - Posted on 25 Feb 2014.
 The Farm (WIP)
 Still being developed at the time of this writing (february 2014.) Has been on hold. Mission takes place at a spooky farm in which you are to steal a valuable item.